This is a blog post I cannot believe I am writing but I am so excited to share this news with you… I have written and published my first book!! It is a pinch me moment for sure but honestly, so much time and energy has gone into this book. If you are starting the ACA with no accounting background or are considering studying accounting, this one is for you. If you have read any of my blogs, you will know this Accounting For Beginners book will definitely not lack in detail. Kindly keep reading, I have many more exciting details to share with you.

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Why I Wanted to Write this Accounting for Beginners Book

In the past three years, I have been studying towards the ACA qualification and working as an external auditor. It is fair to say I have learnt a LOT since beginning in September 2018. I have found that in order to do well in any role which requires accounting knowledge, you will need a strong understanding of the basics of accounting. Initially, some concepts were quite difficult to remember but I have definitely picked up a few tricks along the way. These exact tricks I have put into this Accounting For Beginners book as I want to share these with you.

The reason I wanted to write this book stems down to the fact that I have always enjoyed teaching. I started tutoring Maths as a 16-year-old and taught Maths at a secondary school in 2017/18. From these experiences, I feel I have developed the skill of breaking down difficult concepts into ways that are easier to comprehend. I have attempted to do this throughout this book.

accounting for beginners

My blogs so far have been predominantly aimed at those who are already studying towards the ACA qualification. However, I did not want to neglect those of you who are yet to start the ACA qualification or equivalent or those with an interest in accounting and perhaps are to start a degree shortly. The wait before starting the ACA can admittedly be quite daunting. I for one remember wanting to get ahead but not knowing what I could do. Now I am able to provide an answer to this common question… to read this Accounting For Beginners book!

Accounting for Beginners Book Content

The aim of this book is to teach you the core concepts of accounting in a simplified manner. Accounting can initially seem like a new language and this book is here to teach you just that. You will gain a high-level overview of accounting.

The book will cover the following chapters:

1) An Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting
2) The Statement of Profit or Loss
3) The Statement of Financial Position
4) The Balance Sheet
5) The Dual Concept of Accounting
6) Double-Entry Bookkeeping
7) Trial Balance and Producing Financial Statements

The book will not teach you how to set up a company or how to prepare your own accounts. If you would like a further breakdown on a chapter by chapter basis to find out what will be covered, look inside here.

Benefits of this Book

Although this book will cover the basics of accounting, it will stimulate your brain. There will be many examples throughout as well as the chances to have a go yourself. Given that we have been through the very difficult COVID-19 pandemic and many people turned to baking, I have used a running example of starting a cake business, the CakeShop. This should hopefully make the examples much easier to follow.

CakeShop Accounting For Beginners
higher-level insight accounting for beginners

This Accounting For Beginners book is aimed at beginners but I have not kept it limited to just the basics. I have provided high-level insights throughout the book into just how much more there is to come. There is plenty of opportunity with this book to find out higher level information and to be able to look into this yourself if the interest is there. This book is definitely not short of these higher-level insights!

Sneak Peak

Amazon has the feature where you can have a look inside the book yourself. However, I would not be doing this Accounting For Beginners book any justice if I did not give you a sneak peak myself. This is my author’s copy (wow, it feels surreal writing that). I am so proud of how this paperback book has come out! I personally think it is very aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully you agree with me. I have tried very hard to keep the eBook up to standard too!

There have been some minor tweaks to the book since this video was taken. Your copy should look even better.


I will keep this blog short and sweet as hopefully the quality of the Accounting for Beginners book has done all the talking for me. Accounting is not easy and can be overwhelming at first, but I am here to get you through it if you let me. Hopefully, you will enjoy it along the way too. Give it some time and practice, you will nail it. As stated previously, you can read the eBook for free if you sign up to Kindle Edition through this link.

Additionally, I did want to and still may create a beginners accounting course on Skillshare where I would run through the book on video. This would also be completely free through this link and there are many other great courses you can check out on Skillshare too. Join my journey as this may be on the way!

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