My other experiences include getting Invisalign, laser eye surgery, my skin struggles with dairy and much more – Join my journey so you do not miss a post! 

If this website is a hit, I may also share how I created my own blog. 

how to create a blog
One whole year. I am going to start by stating how PROUD I am of myself for everything I have Read more
skin scarring treatment
So far in this blog series, I have mainly covered the factual side of how my skin went out of Read more
skin and diet
Part 1 revealed exactly how disastrous my skin had suddenly become. I was diagnosed with disseminated secondary eczema in late Read more
skin patch test
Today is the day I have decided to take you along the very difficult journey I have had in somewhat Read more
the secret to be productive 24/7
A phrase I often hear is "where do you get the time?" and this is exactly what I want to Read more
buying a second-hand car
The time has come in my life where I can no longer do without having a car. Before COVID-19, I Read more
finance tracking spreadsheet
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DIY Home Gym
Has anyone else been searching for weights online since the first lockdown? The funny thing is, I always anticipate the Read more
control spending
My average monthly savings of my disposable income (after bills) since October 2019 is 83.71%. Yes, you read that correctly, Read more

Laser Eye Journey

one year post laser review
It has been one whole year since getting laser eye surgery and I literally have no idea where the time Read more
laser eye surgery faq
Below are a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) I have been asked, some through the Facebook group or directly. Read more
three months post lasek
If you have been following my LASEK laser eye journey, you will know it has not been an easy ride. Read more
planning for laser eye surgery: recovery guide
If you are reading this, I am assuming you have decided to take the exciting yet daunting leap of faith Read more
recovery laser eye surgery
As LASIK is the most common procedure, LASEK laser eye surgery recovery experiences are hard to find online. This article Read more
day of laser eye surgery
The day of laser eye surgery for myself and millions of others is one of the biggest days of our Read more
laser eye surgery consultation
Optical Express was the first company I physically visited for a laser eye surgery consultation and it was the last. Read more
optical express for laser
If you have read my Growing up with Glasses blog, you will know getting laser eye surgery is something I Read more
glasses, growing up with
As I embark on a new chapter in my life, post laser eye surgery, I would like to take this Read more


invisalign maintenance and duration
Thank you for staying tuned with my Invisalign journey. So far I have covered details about the initial consultation, the Read more
first weeks of Invisalign brushing
Now that I have covered the first steps such as the consultation and treatment plan in my Invisalign journey, this Read more
Invisalign day 1
Before reading this blog post, I would recommend reading the Invisalign blog prior to this. In the first blog I Read more
invisalign before scan
Now that I have taken you through my laser eye journey, I am now excited to bring you along my Read more