If you have been following my LASEK laser eye journey, you will know it has not been an easy ride. The first month in terms of vision fluctuation was absolutely horrendous. It was a very difficult time and a rollercoaster to say the least. However, I described my one month aftercare appointment to be a real turning point. Since then, I believed I have 20/20 vision but this had not been confirmed nor denied, until NOW. Read on to find out my results following my three months post LASEK laser eye surgery aftercare appointment.

This blog will be a much shorter post compared to my regular quite lengthy, detailed articles. I really just wanted to give those who have been following an update three months on. Let’s get straight to it.


Vision Three Months post LASEK Laser Eye Surgery

At my one month aftercare appointment, I was told my right eye was one line above 20/20 and my right was one line below. Although this sounds very impressive, in reality I was still not happy with the results at this point. This is because I was experiencing severe visual fluctuations. My eyes may have been performing well during the appointment, however this was not long lived. Throughout the day my eyesight would be on off blurry and there was a general haze. Subtitles did not seem clear and I therefore would not have agreed with the vision assessment.

At both the one month and three month aftercare appointments I took an eye test where I had to read letters on the screen. Three months post LASEK laser eye surgery (iDesign) I can now happily confirm the following:

  • Right eye – two lines above 20/20
  • Left eye – one line above 20/20

As you can imagine, I was over the moon to hear this! I did suspect I had 20/20 at this point but without having an eye test I could not be so sure. As explained in ‘LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Time: Eye-Opening Truth’ I believe the main reason behind this turnaround was the lubricating eye drops. My left eye did in fact catch up to where it needed to be in the end, three months post LASEK. I will therefore fortunately not be requiring any top up laser eye surgery.

vision 3 months post lasek laser eye surgery

This is AMAZING considering my prescription was around -5 in both eyes prior to surgery. See here for my prescription pre-surgery.

Eye Health Three Months On

At the three month aftercare appointment, I had a couple of eye examinations. These were the hot air balloon test as well as the air puff test. These are the same tests as per the laser eye surgery consultation. The optician also put orange drops into my eye to assess the dryness and overall eye health.

Note: for this appointment I had not taken any lubricating eye drops that same day. I last put these in the morning before the three month aftercare appointment.

The verdict was that both eyes had a clear cornea. My right eye had no sight of dryness but the left eye was slightly dry. Again, it did not feel it though. To my surprise the scarring on my left eye had actually also improved! This was definitely an added bonus. Additionally, as it had been three months since laser eye surgery, my eyes were outside the three month period for developing haze.


Ongoing Eye Drops

Given this was the last opportunity to get free drops as part of my aftercare package, I of course wanted to make the most of it. Between the one month and three month appointments, I did have to purchase my own Hyco San eye drops as I had ran out. This was only £11.50 but given I had paid so much for the surgery, I did not want any extra costs!

Thankfully the optician provided me with another spare bottle of Hyco San eye drops. I was also given additioanl drops called Celluvisc. These drops are to be used at night and then again in the morning when the eyes are particularly dry.

Since my three month post LASEK appointment 16/03/21, I have not needed to use the Celluvisc drops. Hopefully I never need to. I have also only used the Hyco San eye drops on the odd few days but for the most part I am eye drop-less! Or at least I was, until very recently (05/08/21) as my screen time has increased due to work and blogging. I have increased this to one/max two drops a day as I do not want my vision fluctuating again.

Advice Going Forward

Now that my eyes have thankfully settled, I feel as though I have finally achieved the best outcome. Furthermore, as mentioned I barely have any side effects; the odd dry eyes where drops are needed as-and-when and I barely have halo rings either now.

Therefore, going forward all that is required as advised by the optician is:

  1. Wear sunglasses in summer to protect the eyes from UV rays.
  2. Eat plenty of Vitamin C as it is good for the eyes. This includes any of the brightest fruits such as tomatoes.
  3. Avoid rubbing your eyes as this damages the cornea in the long run.

Next aftercare appointment

As everything looks good, I have essentially been given the all clear. My next appointment will be in 12 months from the day of my surgery (December 2021).

If you have any questions, feel free to join my Facebook group for laser eye surgery or read this FAQ. In the meantime, you can also join my journey as I will provide a further update at a later date.

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  1. Hello,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. It put my mind at ease. I had my consultation few weeks ago and I have my date set for idesign Lasik in November.
    My concern was coming from some of the negative comments.
    I value my eye sight, because I am an artist.
    Is there any more tips you have to be well prepared for the surgery?
    Thank you again for documenting your experience and process.

    1. Hi Bella,

      Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on taking the leap to set the date!

      You mentioned you are getting LASIK so your recovery process is likely to differ massively to mine. For LASIK, it is said to be a much quicker, smoother recovery. That being said, from hearing others’ experiences on the Laser Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/173822770990499) even those with LASIK have had varied experiences post surgery. I think as long as you are aware that it may take some time to get 20/20 and mentally prepare for this, it should hopefully put you at ease. From my blog above, I was definitely not in this position and was very stressed at the time.

      For the surgery day, I am not sure if you have read this blog but it should help you be completely prepared for what to take with you: https://jagsjourney.blog/2021/02/25/life-changing-day-of-laser-eye-surgery/. This second blog will also prepare you for what you can/cannot do after surgery as this surprised me: https://jagsjourney.blog/2021/03/25/planning-for-laser-eye-surgery-timing/.

      Besides this, there is not much more you can do to prepare besides trusting the process. I personally let the excitement take over from all the doubts and negative comments.

      It will be a different experience for everyone but I really hope yours goes well. All the best and good luck!

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi,
    Ive noticed you mentioned you felt your eyes were definitely good after 3 months.
    Im currently 6 weeks after my lasek. My left eye is very good and clear but my right eye is still slightly under…it’s taking longer to heal apparently so im hoping it will be better next month…
    Your experience has reassured me!

    1. Glad to hear it has helped and hopefully your eyes are in a better place now – it definitely can take time so hopefully hang in there and it will be ok – all the best!

  3. Do you recall how bad your eyesight was post-surgery for the first 2-3 weeks?

    I have similar prescriptions to yours, and I just had my LASEK done 9 days ago.

    I’m in this incredibly frustrating purgatory where my eyesight is clearly better than before without glasses, but it’s still bad/blurry to the point that I can’t function on day to day activities. It feels like I’m wearing really old prescriptions, like it’s better than nothing but far from ideal.

    I’m concerned because all the recovery stories I’ve read seemed like people started to have clear vision after a week, but I’m still basically stuck at home unable to do anything by myself.

    1. My eyesight was bad 2-3 weeks post surgery! It sounds like it was in a similar position to yours where it would also constantly be in and out of focus. It was verrry difficult to deal with in the first month for sure and was definitely not 20/20.

      As mentioned in this blog, the dry eye drops (even though I did not realise my eyes were dry) were the big game changer for me.

      It took me about 3 months to achieve a stable 20/20 but the first month I was definitely worried I wasn’t going to get there.. thankfully I did 🤞

      The blogs online are mostly LASIK where after a week 20/20 is common but that’s exactly why I wanted to share my experience with LASEK because it was nothing like that.

      I hope your recovery goes well and do hang in there 🤞🤞 eye exercises, breaks from the screen, walks and just trying not hard to think about it (turn off subtitles) etc it all may help!

  4. Hi lovely
    It’s such a joy reading all these stories because it’s been a week today since I had me Lazek done I had lense replacement in October which were a great success but i just felt I needed a tweak in me left eye which were me long sighted lense.. so now I feel I’ve gone backwards to being back where I can hardly see again.. I’ve had such anxiety.. all I can hope like yourself that I get 20/ 20 vision in me eye is be so happy..I was starting to regret having it tweaked

    1. Hi Julie, I am sorry to hear the difficulties you were having but hopefully a similar experience to myself where you have seen improvements since?

  5. Hi Jag,

    I’m 1.5 weeks into my Lasek recovery time with Optical Express. The vision in my right eye is okay, but left eye still very blurry, particularly when trying to work on the laptop. I am interested in your solution for dry eyes, and wondering whether this is the contributing factor. I was given Celluvisc at my 4-day contact lens removal? Was Hyco San significantly more effective for you?

    1. Hi Duncan,

      Sorry to hear your left eye is still blurry but hopefully my blog has been able to reassure you that it should get better and catch up 🤞

      I do think dry eyes was a contributing factor but I am not 100% sure if it is the only factor.

      Hyco San Extra is what I was provided with from Optical Express during my one month aftercare appointment for dry eyes. I do not think they gave me Celluvisc although I do recognise the look.

      The drops they gave me are all in this blog: https://jagsjourney.blog/2021/03/11/lasek-laser-eye-surgery-recovery/

      I cannot say which is therefore more effective but I think Celluvisc may have a higher dosage.

      I think as long as you are treating the dry eyes, this should hopefully help.

      All the best with your recovery!

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