Accounting for Beginners – Book

ACA certificate level accounting book

If you are new to accounting or simply want a taste into accounting, this book is for you! Here is my first review below:

“I want to say a massive thank you! Thought this would be a good step towards learning the basics before starting my job at PwC, having just graduated with a maths degree and having no real accountancy knowledge. The book has been absolutely perfect, taking me through concepts that I am now coming across as I complete the pre-course work for when I start studying towards the ACA. The simplicity of the explanations were perfect for helping me understand and staying engage whilst learning what could otherwise have been tricky topics to understand. It didn’t however lack in depth and it did not leave me questioning anything covered. The numerous questions throughout were excellent for helping me test what I had read and the format of the book and the A4 size also made it perfect for scribbling on…”

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Personal Finance Tracker

finance tracking spreadsheet

If you really want to start hitting your big saving goals, you need this spreadsheet. This blog covers all the benefits of the tracker and here is a review below:

“Perfect experience with this shop! Super easy to make my purchase and received the product instantly via download. Jag is also on hand to provide any assistance if i have any issues, but I haven’t so far as this Finance Planner is really easy to follow and it’s really made it easy to think about what I’m spending. I can’t wait to use it as the months go by and manage my budget so much better! 5*s, would recommend!”

First customer on Etsy

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CV Templates including MY OWN successful Big 4 CV example and Tailored CV Reviews

If you are struggling with putting a CV together, access my skills based and traditional based CV templates here. This has been viewed online on TikTok by over 80,000 people!

I am also offering personalised CV reviews for those who want to go that extra mile to landing their dream job – good luck!

Comments online include: “That’s my CV template worked wonders to get my dream job & I have been lucky to turn down more than 100’s job thanks to my cv.”

Transaction Services (TS) Information Pack

Big 4 secondment transaction services (TS)

If you have an upcoming Big 4 interview for Transaction Services financial due diligence, this information pack will definitely be very helpful to you!


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